A little update!


This 2nd post took longer to strat writing then i would have liked, but real life just didn’t give me anytime to work on anything.
Anyways last saterday i got to play in an apocolypse game at a friends house, if you want to read about it go i will write about it at the end of this blog post!

After the apocalypse i got to look at my friends bitzbox, wich was huge but i would expect that for somebady who has played since early 2nd edition 40k. I got some bitz from his i will be using soonish so you people hopefully see those at some point on my blog, but one thing i already used was a broken tomb kings chariot. The chariot base was split in 2 parts one of wich was bent and has a big cut in it.
So afther a little cutting, glueing and a little bit of plasticard i repaired it as best as i could here it is:

This is the beginning of a project i will show soonish and no it won’t be a tomb kings army for warhammer fantasy or age of sigmar.

Now for the Apocalypse battle!
The apocalypse was an awesome battle between: my Iron Warriors (4k points) and my friends World eaters (16k points) against 3 imperial players: 1 Smurf player (ultramarines), ad mech and guards with marines mixed in. Both sides had a reaver titan here is a pic i took from the strat of the game:

Sorry for the lower quality foto, but as you might be able to see the table is pretty full.

So now for my favorite part of the battle:
I set up here on the table (and a bit to the side of this foto):

As you can see the guard player has set up in a awesome building, so my own personal mission for the game was to siedge and capture this building!
To make this building useable in 40k games there where a few rules in this game:
1. All masurements for range are done on a flat plane so heigth does not matter (otherwise nobody almost nothing could hit the marines sipers in the higher buildings)
2. This massive building had a stare case (red doors) and a working lift inside (white doors) you can use the starcase to go up to 4 floots higher without movement costs if you are within 3 inces of the staircase or the lift to go to anyfloor you want for no movement costs if you are within 3 inces of the door.

The game started with me and my friends losing to go first and this was bad. And i mean bad as in the first shooting phase the imperial players killed our titan, it exploded and that explosion killed half of our own army before we could even use it haha.
We did bring it back at the start of our 2nd turn (the pic below) but it was to late…

So yeah we lost but it was still fun And most importantlly i had the most models in the massive building at the end of the game so i count that as an personal victory!

So hope to have a new post up around friday!
Have a good day people and if hope you enjoyed reading the weird blog post!



This is the first post on this blog!
So as you might have noticed this blog is pretty empty so lets start filling it with stuff!

Current projects:

-My iron warriors.
My iron warriors are my main 40k army i had quite a few models in this army before the release of the Burning of Prospero box set, but i have started to rebuild the army since.
The main focus for the IW at the moment is just building and painting enough i can can start playing some games with a fully painted army.
In the spirit of that i got this guy earlier this month for KrautScientist:

He is my Exalted champion and want to put him, a Dark Apostle and 8 Khorne
Berzerkers in a rhino as my CC/Warlord killer unit. I have already started on 1 Khorne Berzerker:

As you can see he is just a mkIII body with a normal Chaos Marine helmet and a Khorne Berserker chainaxe.
Now i just need to build 7 more Berserkers and paint them and the Exalted Champion.

I bought the new necromunda box set when it came out and i have build all the models in them. Then i played some games against my girlfriend and i found out i liked playing with the Eschers more than the goliaths, so i want to pain the 10 Escher gangers from the box set to use in friendly game until the Orlocks come out as that will be my main gang i think.

I have been playing quite a few games of Shadespire as it is relatively quickly and easy to pick up also because i am really digging it! The 2 warbands i own are the Sepulchral Guard and the Gerrek’s Reavers. I have already quickly painted the main skeleton from the Sepulchral Guard just need to finish the base:

As you can see it is not the most amazing painting every but its a simple and quick paint job that i am happy with. The other 6 skeletons are ready to be painted so i hope to finish them in the near future!

-Dungeons and Dragons.
I am going to be a DM for a DnD group of friends starting this sunday. It is just going to be a character creation session but since we have al planned the whole day for it it will probably also include a little bit of playing so i might make some simple terrain for it i might not, but i will make terrain for later sessions.
Just don’t expect very detailed terrain most of the terrain i make for DnD i just simple cardboard things for on the battlefield.
Also i might make characters for each of the player once i know what they are gonna play hahaas i can’t do that without knowing what they are gonna play haha.


So yeah that everything for this post i hope to have a new post soon!
In the meanwhile let me know what you guys think about the Bezerker i build!